A Virtual Memorial January 2014
realised on occasion of the 69th return of the Liberation of the concentration camp Auschwitz,
eg the International Holocaust Commemoration Day – 27 January 2014,
took place simultaneously at three places, three countries, three venues and two continents –
Milan (Italy), Timisoara (Romania) and Jaffa (Tel-Aviv/Israel).

The manifestation of Shoah Film Collection in Milan was standing not only under the patronage of the
European Parliament, but also the Patronage of the Munipality of Milan, the Province of Milan,
the Region of Lombardia and Jewish Dokumentation Center Milan (CDEC)
in collaboration between the initiative “Colori Della Memoria”, Visual Container Milan, .BOX Milan and artvideoKOELN.

Milan as an important place during the Italian Fascism supporting Hitler exterminating Italian Jews – was a particilar event, based on the local initiative to keep vivid the history of the Italian victims of Holocaust “Colori Della Memoria”, because the era of the Italian Fascim and the collaboration with Hitler’s Third Reich
had, generally, not been a matter of reflection in Italy after World War II.
In so far, one might speak even of a kind of historical event, because young Italian generations are searching nowadays for their historical roots, and probably dealing with “Fascism” the term “Fascism” is historically rooted in Italy – is representing such an issue, because the Fascism is still representing a political power in contemporary Italy through the Neo-Fascist Party.
Thanks to Alessandra Arno, Visual Container and .[Box) – space for videoart Milan for making the manifstation in Milan possible in the context of “I Colori Della Memoria” 2014.

Timisoara as a place is also of a particular historical relevance, because the begin of the end of the Communiste system in Ceauscescu’s Romania started in Timisoara. The city has its roots in the Austro- Hungarian Monarchy and was a melting pot of different cultures, ethical groups and a place of tolerance through many centuries.
The German Cultural Center as a venue in Timisoara is pointing to its mission to keep vivid the memory of the persecutions of Jews and other minorities during the Nazi and Communist era. Thanks to Alina Baciu, director Of GCC Timisoara.

Jumping to Jaffa as the third place, was also of particular relevance, not only because it is located in Israel, but Jaffa was during centuries the port and door of Palestine to the world, and that place wheere and when the Jewish refugees arrived after their flight from Germany and the massacres and prersecutions in other European countries. So, also Jaffa is of a high symbolical relevance for the rescue of Jews and the state of Israel. Thanks to Liliana Orbach and Muza Plus in Jaffa this manifestation came true.