Timisoara 2014




Timisoara as a place is of a particular historical relevance, because the begin of the end of the Communiste system in Ceauscescu’s Romania started in Timisoara. The city has its roots in the Austro- Hungarian Monarchy and was a melting pot of different cultures, ethical groups and a place of tolerance through many centuries.
The German Cultural Center is pointing as a venue in Timisoara to its mission to keep also vivid the memory of the persecutions of Jews and other minorities during the Nazi and Communist era. The small selection included German and French videos due to the collaboratuion of the German Cultural Center with the Institut Francais in Timisoara.


List of videos to be screened

Agricola de Cologne (Germany) – Memory Game, 2010, 8:00
Holger Kiess (Germany) – Purane Korakori – old steps, 2007, 33:18
Maja Schweizer (Germany) – Passing Down, Frame One, 2007, 10:30
Susanne Wiegner (Germany) – [my homeland] – [meine heimat], 2012, 1:33
Roland Quelven (France) – Death Fugue B50.02 – L19.20, 2013, 3:15
Jean-Michel Rolland (France) – “C’est interdit” ; “It’s forbidden”, 2011, 1:00
Isabelle Rozenbaum (France) – Two Trees, 2009, 11:47

photos by German Cultural Center Timisoara